Schwab Adds New Features to Its Trading Platforms to Help Clients Better Manage Market Volatility

6 January 2009

Charles Schwab continues to improve its trading platforms for its active traders with upgrades to its StreetSmart Pro trading software and web-based trading platform, The firm’s clients will now have real-time performance reporting for closed positions, new short-selling tools and more advanced options order types.

“Active traders are asking for better, more effective ways to manage their trading activity during volatile market conditions,” said Richard Levine, vice president of Schwab’s Active Trading Services. “We expect these latest platform enhancements to help improve the effectiveness of our clients in all trading environments.”

The new enhancements include:

Realized Gain/Loss Tab

A Realized Gain/Loss Tab has been added to provide active traders with intraday performance reporting of daily trading activity for closed positions.

Shorting on Direct Access

Traders can now short securities using direct access venues. This upgrade allows for more venue choices when placing short trades and enhances trading during pre-market and after-hour sessions.

Hard to Borrow Indicator

This new feature notifies traders that a specific equity may be difficult to borrow for shorting purposes and will help add transparency to their trading experience.

Good ‘til Cancel Advanced Options Orders

To save time when entering multi-leg options orders, “Good ‘til Cancel” orders have been added to support effective risk management when placing complex options trades. Unfilled Good ‘til Cancel options orders will now remain open through new trading sessions.

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