Connotate Enhances Agent Community GEN2™ with New On-Demand Features

30 January 2009

Connotate, the leading provider of solutions which transform information from the Web and enterprise into user-empowered on-demand applications and actionable intelligence, today announced new features that significantly increase usage scenarios, speed deployment and deliver amazing ROI.

The Connotate solution is a powerful way to access and monitor, interact with, harvest, and mashup data and information. Putting these on-demand capabilities into the hands of your workforce not only empower the individual but also enhance corporate agility, productivity, and sharing of best practices. This latest release makes it easy for business users to share and transform web and enterprise information sources into focused sets of actionable, highly personalized and differentiated intelligence.

Once deployed, the Connotate solution fosters an environment of community collaboration and social contribution through creation and personalization of intelligent software Agents. Armed with personal Agents to perform monitoring, precision harvesting, and rapid integration tasks, you gain a unique, proprietary view of the playing field — no matter if you are seeking market, competitive, or business intelligence.

The new features are a result of market and customer feedback. Focusing on usability and efficiency, these latest innovations are meant to reduce or eliminate product training altogether so that users can quickly achieve productivity amplification and speed to ROI.

Enhancements include:

- On-Demand Library – The On-Demand Library offers a collection of user-generated Agent applications. A robust Search and Tagging feature allow you to quickly locate popular and relevant Agents of interest.
- Express Subscriber – The Express Subscriber feature enables the user to instantly see sample Agent output (in graph or table format) while browsing in the library. Once viewed, a one-click subscription and quick personalization process is available for any Agent in the library.
- Community Categorization – Users, authors and publishers have the ability to browse by tag cloud or keyword making the most popular and relevant Agents easy to find.
- Portal Enhancements – Portal features allow for greater control over graphs and trend lines; a one-click export to excel feature for quick download of Agent results into personal data models; and the ability to browse portlets by category or alphabetically.
- JavaScript Execution – The execution engine enhances data extraction from Java-based web sites via native execution, increasing the number of sites that can be accessed by non-programmers using Connotate’s intelligent Agents.
- Excel Plug-in –The plug-in enables users to run and deliver Agent data subscriptions directly from Excel. Users can also export data directly from the Agent Portal to Excel for further analysis with one-click.
- Studio Publishing & Link Following -- Enhanced Agent Studio features allow for central management of Agents and streamlined processed for creating and publishing Agents without leaving the Studio environment. The Link Following feature enhances automated spidering and filtering of sources for faster Agent creation.

“The amount of information that people need to sift through and analyze to make decisions is enormous,” says Bruce Molloy, CEO of Connotate. “Connotate customers are given the tools to make sense of all this information — we’re seeing some amazing ROIs.”

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