NYFIX Launches NYFIX Ioinet – a Unique Liquidity Discovery Solution

21 January 2009

NYFIX, Inc. (Nasdaq: NYFX), a trusted provider of innovative solutions that optimize trading efficiency, today announced the launch of NYFIX ioinet. A unique liquidity discovery solution, NYFIX ioinet takes Indications of Interest (IOIs) to the next level by combining the advanced analytic and filtering capabilities of ioinet, acquired along with FIXCITY in April 2008, with global IOI content contributed by brokers who are part of the 1,000-member strong NYFIX Marketplace community that now includes the leading European financial institutions that were original ioinet clients. This compelling combination of sophisticated analytic tools and broad global IOI content is coupled with proprietary and 3rd party order management system (OMS) workflow integration to help clients quickly find and capitalize on trading opportunities.

NYFIX ioinet’s front-end functionality includes in-depth analysis tools that help buy-side traders compare indicated liquidity with actual traded volumes, helping them better gauge with whom to trade and where to locate securities. Advanced filtering capabilities enable the creation of custom watch lists, tickers, and alerts that keep traders informed in real-time on the stocks they are looking to trade. These unique features are combined with a business model that encourages the targeted distribution of quality, timely, and accurate IOIs. NYFIX ioinet also works to the sell-side’s advantage by increasing the chances that their IOIs will be taken seriously and acted upon more regularly.

“In such a fragmented market, any tool that enables a buy-side trader to find liquidity without giving up control or too much information about their order is welcomed,” says Laurie J. Berke, Senior Consultant for the TABB Group. Ms. Berke continued; “Buy-side traders are looking to take advantage of block opportunities any way they can, and with brokers committing less capital to trading, IOIs become an increasingly valuable tool for sourcing size.”

Bob Moitoso, Global Head of the FIX Division at NYFIX, comments: "NYFIX ioinet aggregates liquidity and delivers straight to traders’ desktops the real-time information they need to make the best trading decisions. Our plan is to use ioinet as a platform to deliver a steady stream of additional trading information and tools that will make it even easier for clients to find the natural liquidity they are looking for.”

Martin Ekers, Head of Dealing, Northern Trust Global Investments in London adds: “NYFIX ioinet’s dynamic approach to IOIs is refreshing. With its configurable WatchList we can see IOIs on stocks of interest at all times. The solution makes it a lot easier to manage the vast volumes of pre- and post-trade data that we receive.”

Paul Scott, Global Head of the IOI business at NYFIX, comments: “As a founder of FIXCITY, it’s exciting to see ioinet integrated with the NYFIX Marketplace at a time when IOIs are seeing a resurgence as a primary source for liquidity discovery. ioinet has quickly matured into a global platform that helps clients find liquidity while minimizing market impact and information leakage.”

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