Rhodes Retail Services, Inc. Implements AssureSign Electronic Signature Software to Accelerate Employee On-Boarding

19 January 2009

AssureSign LLC’s Biometric Electronic Signature Technology has been selected as the electronic signature solution by Rhodes Retail Services, Inc., a leading merchandising services company in Elk Grove, California.

AssureSign is a web-hosted service that facilitates the managed processing of documents in an all-digital, highly secure environment. The patent-pending electronic signature software provides forensically identifiable evidence of contractual acceptance with digitized electronic signatures that can be matched for authentication in much the same way as a traditional signature.

Rhodes Retail implemented AssureSign Electronic Signature Technology to enhance the company’s on-boarding process for its mostly virtual and/or traveling staff. Interviews are typically conducted by traveling supervisors, who send applicants paperwork via AssureSign that can be signed electronically and returned to the corporate office immediately, where workflow controls ensure that information is routed to the appropriate department. “AssureSign has made our on-boarding process very efficient,” says Chris Rhodes, President of Rhodes Retail. “We typically had to wait two to three days to receive background check authorization from an applicant, and then another two to three days for new hire paperwork. With AssureSign we were able to cut down a six to seven day process into one or two days.”

Additionally, Rhodes Retail can maintain communication with existing employees when they travel, enabling them to make payroll deduction requests and changes to their benefits while on the road, quickly and confidentially. And all information is stored in one place, and searchable by employee name.

Since the entire AssureSign Electronic Signature Process is tracked digitally, users have a complete forensic audit trail of the delivery and signing process. This enables users to know exactly when documents are received, when they are signed, and who has or has not signed them, providing users with complete control over the signing process.

“With just a mouse, an Internet connection and our patent-pending electronic signature, Rhodes Retail Service is able to expedite the on-boarding process, benefiting both the company and the employee,” said David W. Brinkman, chief executive officer of AssureSign LLC. “It’s the perfect solution for almost any business that requires signatures from virtual or local employees.”

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