Lasalletech announces new product suite designed to save FIX users time and money

New York City - 7 December 2009

The LaSalle Technology Group LLC rolled out its new FIX productivity tool suite during the sixth annual FPL Americas Electronic Trading Conference in New York City. The tools were well received by conference delegates who were impressed by their usability, product capabilities, and pricing. The Lasalletech product suite includes tools that make the process of developing and deploying a FIX service offering more efficient, saving companies time and money. Companies using Lasalletech’s tools can enhance productivity and improve communication during the entire FIX lifecycle starting with the definition and publication of the specification.

FIX Explorer is a FIX specification editor that allows users to define their FIX service offering and automate generation of documentation and data dictionaries for leading FIX engines. FIX Explorer can reverse engineer an existing FIX service offering from current implementations to improve the quality of documentation and to insure that the documentation is consistent with the implementation. FIX Explorer can read and write many FIX definition formats, including the standard FIX Repository from FIX Protocol Ltd., QuickFIX, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

FIX Technician is a robust testing tool that provides a highly intuitive graphical user interface in addition to supporting fully automated “headless” testing. FIX Technician integrates with FIX Explorer to permit users to design tests specific to their FIX Service offerings – saving considerable time in creating test cases. FIX Technician also integrates seamlessly with leading continuous integration products, such as Atlassian’s Bamboo and ThoughtWorks’ Cruise Control.

FIX Detective is a full featured FIX monitoring tool that can monitor and analyze multiple FIX sessions. The tool uses knowledge from the FIX service offering defined using FIX Explorer to parse messages at a conversation level.

FIX Conductor automates the process of onboarding counterparties to your FIX service. FIX Conductor is integrated with FIX Explorer and FIX Technician. FIX Conductor can work with existing live test environments and can be configured using test scripts developed using FIX Technician to provide a rich simulation environment. The web-based FIX Conductor is simple to deploy and operate.

Franck Mikulecz of Baxter-FX says, “The Lasalletech FIX tools have saved us considerable time and money during the development of our latest FIX-based Client Gateways. Good tools are the job half done. With the very usable specification, testing, and onboarding tools, we have halved the time to go live into production for both BAXTER-FX and our customers.”

Jim Northey, co-founder of Lasalletech and the current Co-chair of FIX Protocol Ltd. Americas Regional Committee, stated that “FIX is now fifteen years old, the value and importance of FIX is without question. However there are still opportunities to lower the effort involved in launching a FIX service offering and to lower the total cost of operating a FIX based service. Our products were created specifically to take FIX automation to the next level to reduce costs and time, while at the same time improving overall service quality. We believe our products will greatly help firms create new FIX services and manage their existing FIX service offerings with fewer resources.”

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