IPL partners with FRSGlobal and Asymptotix to help Banking Clients meet Liquidity Reporting Deadline

December 16th 2009

IPL is pleased to announce it is partnering with market leading software provider FRSGlobal, and Asymptotix, specialist Risk Management solutions architects, to launch end to end solutions to the Banking sector for achieving liquidity reporting and stressed scenario testing requirements as detailed within CP08/24 and subsequent CP09/20.

In the wake of the recent credit crunch, the FSA and EU advisory bodies are imposing ever greater requirements on financial institutions around capital adequacy and transparency. The imminent requirement is for ‘Liquidity Reporting’ – more accurately Group Consolidated Reporting of Liquidity Risk under normal and ‘stressed’ conditions.

Achieving the standard is as much a question of understanding Information Management issues, as it is purchasing a computational tool set. With over 30 years experience of managing information systems in complex environments, IPL understands that to be effective the tool set needs access to the right data – consistently, with minimal latency. A robust and re-usable, proven architecture needs to be in place to achieve this. It is not possible to ‘plug and play’ with liquidity reporting tools. The adage of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ is highly relevant. IPL's approach will ensure that this need can be met with the minimum of pain within the exacting timescales required.

Combining our Information Management expertise, with Asymptotix's proven solutions architecture for Risk Management, and FRSGlobal's market leading RiskPro and RegPro computational engines, provides a rare one-stop solution to achieving not just the impending liquidity reporting requirements, but also the wider issue of ‘transparency’.

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