Greenline Releases VeriFIX Version 4.6 and Adapter Packs

Chicago, IL - 18 August 2009

Greenline Financial Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of electronic trading marketplace solutions, announced today the release of VeriFIX Version 4.6, the latest update to its industry-leading FIX verification suite. The VeriFIX product suite provides automated, feature-rich trade testing capabilities for market participants looking to accelerate their FIX-based electronic trading environments.

The new VeriFIX 4.6 offers enhanced reporting and test scenario building capabilities to support high-speed, high-volume order flow management, designed to save time and resources during the testing process. This is the latest advancement of VeriFIX’s capabilities ranging from simulation development to test environment management. “The VeriFIX suite continues to grow as the worldwide gold standard in FIX protocol testing for electronic trading professionals,” said Josh Tolman, president of Greenline. “As our clients look to optimize their trading technology, our latest updates allow for faster, more efficient FIX testing and reporting processes.” As part of the latest VeriFIX release, Greenline has introduced the following adapters and exchange emulation capabilities:

• Middleware Adapters: Allows VeriFIX to generate and receive trade messages from various middleware providers such as TIBCO, JMS, and MQ, allowing for protocol testing in addition to FIX.

• FIXML Adapter: Provides VeriFIX users the capability to integrate FIXML into their testing suite for back office testing and simulation. • Exchange Emulators: Greenline now provides a number of different exchange emulators across asset classes and regions (Americas, Europe, and Asia). These emulator packs can plug into an existing VeriFIX deployment and be modified to suit the user’s exchange behavior requirements.

• Enhanced Repeating Group Support: Easily test complex message types containing repeating groups. Relevant message and business flows include pretrade messages such as quotes, market data, and complex order types (including lists, crosses, and multi-leg) and post-trade messages such as allocation instructions and trade capture reports.

• FIX 5.0 Service Packs Data Sets: Offers updated libraries to include protocol dictionaries and example tests for FIX 5.0 service packs. • Price and Symbology Dictionary: Access a configurable price and symbology database for additional levels of feature validation. This dictionary is used to test for valid price ranges, tick increments, and contract or symbol syntax. • Enhanced Results and Reporting: Schedule reports after each completed test scenario. Compare two test runs from different tests and export data results for analysis.

• Improved Spreadsheet Interface: Includes the ability to route multiple sessions within an Excel spreadsheet, export data and edit non-supported data with the .csv format.

Since its inception, VeriFIX has enjoyed widespread implementation from buy- and sellside firms, ATSs and ECNs as a highly customizable FIX message verification and testing suite. VeriFIX enables FIX Protocol experts and non-experts alike to easily view operational and business-level trade data. As a result, technologists and business analysts can quickly simulate complex environments to optimize the testing cycle while benefiting from real-time analytics and reporting.

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