Xylinq Releases V3.0 for CFDs

London - 20 August 2009

Xylinq is pleased to announce the release of Xylinq V3.0, a software trading system for high volume Contracts For Difference (Dynamic Swap) trading. Xylinq will appeal to Stock Brokers, CFD Providers, Alternative Investments Managers and Prime Brokers who provide a synthetic financing service to their clients.
The key new features in this release are:

· Ability to write CFDs on various underlyers such as Equity, Equity related, FX, Futures, Indices and other user-definable products. · Supports an “Agency Revenue Model”, which includes calculation of any revenue share with Agents.

· Incoming Trades functionality to perform a pre-deal credit-check on potential CFD Trades against clients' real-time exposures.

· Exposure Report to manage the Desk's total exposure and Revenue.

· User Roles & Permissions to control access.

Xylinq already supports flexible CFD Terms capture, a versatile Trade Processing Engine, real-time Exposure Monitor, MTM Valuations of End-Of-Day positions and multi-currency Client Cash Accounts.

Bharat Bedia, Business Director said "Right now, inspite of the global downturn the CFD world is exciting place to be. As more people realise the potential benefits of trading equity on margin, various institutions are now considering their options to meet that demand. However, there are some key challenges in how to offer highly flexible CFD products to capture the breadth of clients, yet be able to handle the volumes with a manageable operational cost. If these challenges could be overcome then that would make for a highly profitable business with low managed risks. Xylinq v3.0 is specifically designed to meet those challenges and help financial institutions generate revenue with confidence and assurance."

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