Netage Solutions Responsive to Client Needs with New SaaS Platform

Watertown, MA - 18 August 2009

Netage Solutions, Inc., provider of CRM software and online reporting systems for the alternative assets industry, today announced the release of Dynamo version 6.0.2, its second product update since the on-demand CRM solution was introduced in May 2009. In addition to facilitating more frequent product releases, Netage’s new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform has made the upgrade process seamless for clients.

The increased agility afforded by the SaaS model is enabling Netage to issue more frequent product updates, and respond more quickly to client needs. In fact, more than 60 percent of the enhancements in Dynamoâ„¢ version 6.0.2 were client-driven. Having always prided itself on soliciting and acting upon client feedback, Netage has made it even easier for clients to shape its product roadmap with a new Ideas Form right within Dynamo. All ideas and requests are automatically added to the list of enhancements being considered for future Dynamo releases.

Additional enhancements made over the last two Dynamo releases include:

•Office 2003 Support – In addition to Office 2007, Dynamo now supports Office 2003, including Outlook, Excel, and Word. The Dynamo Mail Merge Wizard utilizes all three applications to streamline the process of creating and sending personalized correspondence. In addition, tight integration with Outlook enables rapid e-mail capture and intelligent linking to other Dynamo records.

•Rules-Based Security – Dynamo’s robust, rules-based security model allows firms to manage permissions at multiple levels and by various criteria. Access to system records can be restricted by user group (e.g. the investor relations team). Records can also be segregated by their unique properties – allowing a subset of investment professionals to see only deals with a certain pipeline status, for instance.

•Roll-Back Feature – The Dynamo Audit Trail maintains a complete history of system changes, including when records were edited and by whom. A new roll-back feature allows users to select a change from the Audit Trail and restore the old value.

•Extended BlackBerry Access – Netage clients no longer need a BlackBerry Enterprise Server in order to leverage the Dynamo BlackBerry application, which allows users to look up profiles and contact info; view and add activities; send e-mails; and map addresses with the device’s built-in GPS.

•Dynamic Browser Panel – The Dynamo Browser Panel can pass any parameter (e.g. a company’s address) to a specific website (e.g. Google Maps), allowing users to view context-specific information from the Internet without leaving the application. It can also point to a file server or network drive where documents are stored.

•De-Duplication Tools – As users type the name of a new item, Dynamo instantly searches the database and displays items with similar names, helping to prevent duplicate contacts and records in the system.

“Many clients that requested features have seen them implemented in less than two months thanks to our new SaaS platform,” said Netage’s CEO and Co-Founder Krassen Draganov. “This agility and responsiveness to client business needs is unsurpassed in the alternative assets industry.”

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