E2W secures two new prestigious client wins for the North American Market

17 August 2009

In today’s challenging market place, where “knowing” and understanding your client is paramount to winning new business, E2W welcomes 2 new prestigious clients who are partnering with E2W to spearhead their North American market growth.

Karen Fairbrother, Business Development Manager for E2W explains; “The E2W business model is perfectly scalable-we are expanding and growing an existing relationship with one of these clients from the UK market into the US Market. E2W enjoys a long term partnership with this leading front to back office solution provider who are now keen to replicate the new business returns E2W generates for them in the UK into the North American market; specifically targeting Asset Managers.

We are also delighted to be partnering with a new client - a leading provider of proximity hosting solutions which provide low latency trading to remote buy and sell side firms. Targeting US Algorithmic and Systematic traders with interests in the European Market, E2W has been appointed to qualify and open the important North American market. When assessing their options, these clients had two choices; assign a sales resource to the geography, so taking their focus off existing and known mar kets, or engage with E2W to undertake the initial stages of their sales process;

· Identify key decision makers (KDM)
· Ensure that KDMs become aware and interested in them and their solutions and that this level of awareness is maintained over time. · Capture vital market knowledge to aid decision making and help formulate sales/product strategies.
· Create sales opportunities by handing over “interest” in the form of a qualified lead.
· Support account planning/development by understanding the corporate structure and uncovering the decision making process.
· Better forecast and size a prospective new market so reducing risk and associated costs

Mark Freed, Director E2W, adds “Whether E2W is supporting clients in the European or North American markets, KNOWING who the decision makers are in a target market, knowing that they KNOW you and having a strategy in place to maintain contact over time, is a sales stage that is fundamental to success. E2W delivers this with certainty through a professional and sustained process ensuring that our clients are included in all opportunities as they arise within their market place”

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