valuescope announces Finsights’ full compatibility with IE

Munich, Germany - 12 August 2009

valuescope GmbH, a specialist in semantic web business applications, today announced its flagship, web-based product Finsights is now compatible with versions 7.0 of Internet Explorer and higher. Finsights presently runs on the latest versions of Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Finsights made its debut in June of this year with primary optimization for Mozilla® Firefox 3.0.8.

Despite the initial limited browser compatibility, Finsights has been widely received in the financial technology industry. Membership has seen steady growth since the launch, with the average user browsing six documents per session.

“We were acutely aware of the need to optimize Finsights for Internet Explorer quickly”, says Stefan Ki Müller, Managing Director of valuescope. “Banks, insurance agencies and other financial institutions are disinclined to use newer versions of web browsers and often do not allow software to be downloaded onto office equipment. Microsoft has the most widely used operating system in the corporate world which meant most people were using some version of IE and a significant portion of our audience was unable to reach Finsights. I am pleased we were able to quickly adapt the application to run not only on IE 7.0 and higher but also on Google Chrome and Apple Safari.”

valuescope's Finsights is a web-based, news aggregation application that is geared towards the financial technology industry. It uses sophisticated natural language processing technology involving taxonomy and keyword ontology to rate the sales relevancy of industry events in the news. Using this complex technology, Finsights crawls over 500 financial news sources to bring users relevant news based on their individual specifications and requirements. Members are able to bookmark relevant articles or filter them by vendor, event, keyword and other criteria. It then goes one step further to monitor user trends and determines which keywords, articles and other criteria are most used and therefore most valuable to a specific focus in the industry.

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