Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC Announces REVPORT™ Reports/Invoices Developer Toolkit

9 September 2008

Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC today announced a new Reports/Invoices Developer Toolkit having predefined views to assist its clients in creating their own management reports and custom invoices/statements. The toolkit is designed to simplify the extraction of information from REVPORT to produce reports and invoices using commonly available OLAP tools.

The database views allow a set of reporting and invoicing “views” that cut across the REVPORT core data to provide clients with predefined views which are pre-written SQL statements for the most common inquiries. The report views are designed to be used by a technologist or a SQL savvy end user to write reports “said Scott Fitzpatrick”

• The API would Integrate with REVPORT’s Entitlements and Data Security
• A mechanism to allow clients with reporting tools to use the views and use the REVPORT security entitlements.
• Report database views integrated with REVPORT Business Work Group data entitlements

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