Cordys Announces New Release of Business Operations Platform

30 September 2008

Cordys, a global leader in next generation Business Process Management (BPM) announces version 4 of the Cordys Business Operations Platform (BOP) enabling organizations to design, implement, monitor and continuously optimize their critical business processes and operations, within a single environment. Cordys BOP-4 dramatically improves the speed of change, fundamentally altering the way businesses innovate their operations.

BOP-4 introduces the concept of Total BPM, designed to support the way organizations operate, bringing the business and IT worlds together, and delivering the agility and flexibility needed to support today’s rapidly changing business environment and address the challenges posed by globalization.

The industry-leading Cordys Business Operations Platform (BOP) consists of a complete Suite for next generation Business Process Management (BPMS), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and an open, integrated set of Tools & Technologies including a Composite Application Framework (CAF), embedded Master Data Management (MDM) and SOA Grid, as well as Rules Management, Case Management, Data Unification and GUI Mashups.

New features in Cordys BOP-4 include:

• Web 2.0 user experience and extended workflow capabilities in Cordys BPMS:

o New user desktop – Latest Web 2.0 technologies, user tagging and simplified navigation, increasing productivity and reducing time to market

o Extended human centric workflow - Dynamic Task Routing, with tighter integration of decision cases with BPM across all systems enabling organizations to handle an even broader range of processes, responding faster to new business developments

o Intuitive solution development environment - for building and deploying composite applications, industry solutions and large projects, encouraging Business and IT collaboration leading to shorter delivery times and reduced costs

• Single view performance monitoring in Cordys BAM

o Personalized Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, simplifying continuous monitoring of process performance

o Drill-down analysis for root-cause discovery on process, activity and user level, increasing management visibility and control

o Real-time notifications and alerts, enabling immediate detection and response to process inefficiencies – true round trip engineering in real time

• Extended, fully integrated tools and technologies including

o New Case Management Framework

o New Master Data Management Framework

o New, fully integrated, Drag-and-Drop Rules and Decision Management Capabilities

“Today’s economic climate and the influence of the Web have made it almost impossible to build a strategy that extends beyond one or two years.” Jan Baan, Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Cordys, stated: “True business innovation needs a different approach that allows for rapid implementation, short time to market and a continuous improvement cycle. The Cordys Business Operations Platform makes it possible to leverage existing investments in enterprise software, portal platforms, content management, middleware and business intelligence, by making them accessible to knowledge workers, enabling new revenue opportunities to be exploited faster and more efficiently.”

The new release of the Cordys Business Operations Platform also brings significant enhancements in the areas of BPM modeling, integration, security, governance and usability. Jon Pyke, Chief Strategy Officer of Cordys, said: “With the new release of the Cordys Business Operations Platform, Cordys strengthens its next generation BPM Suite and increases support of standards and interoperability – additions which we strongly believe will further improve customer ROI. Users of our platform will be able to more effectively create a total solution to handle both system and human centric process management”.

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