Free PerTOOLS Licenses Throughout October

29 September 2008

Today in London, PerTOOLS, the provider of Time Series Analysis and Data Extractor tools announced that they will be giving away free licenses of their products. This offer coincides with the company’s second anniversary which is at the end of October.

Paul Darvell, Operations Director of PerTOOLS stated "Our primary focus has always been to enable people to use our tools. That is why we have always offered free trials, free licenses to universities and why we created a distribution network to ensure that anyone who wanted to use our tools has someone local to them to whom they can talk”.

When asked “What’s the catch?” Darvell laughed and said “Ever since we came up with this idea, that has been the first question on everyone’s lips. All I can say is that for both our products, the free licenses we are currently giving away are exactly the same licenses as the ones we were selling before this offer started and will be selling after this offer ends. There are no limits to the number of free licenses each organisation can have and clients don’t even need to give us any payment details or commit to further licenses. These licenses really are free!”

This latest announcement has the potential to drastically increase the number of PerTOOLS users worldwide and will further strengthen PerTOOLS brand awareness.

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