E2W retained by two new prestigious Clients

29 September 2008

In these turbulent and uncertain times, when budgets throughout the industry are being tightened, it is not surprising that Software and Services companies selling into the complex financial markets across Europe and North America are increasingly partnering with E2W.

Mark Freed, E2W’s Director explains “In the past month, E2W have been retained by two new and prestigious clients. For both, their target markets contain a limited number of Key Decision Makers/Stakeholders (KDM’s). Our clients recognise that the most effective use of a Sales and Marketing Budget is to identify these KDM’s. Given the flux and change in the current markets, this fundamental task becomes increasingly important. E2W undertake to identify our clients’ key decision makers and then engage with them to raise awareness levels and educate on the benefits of our client’s solutions and, at the appropriate time, interest is captured.

Working in close partnership with our client’s Sales and Marketing teams, we ensure that this fundamental process is systematically and rigorously undertaken. In doing so, we create sales opportunities, capture vital market knowledge to aid sales\strategies and so support an improved forecasting process, reducing risk and associated costs. In today’s climate this has to be a real benefit and differentiator for our clients. For a significant proportion of our clients E2W make a contribution in excess of 80% of all new business that they sign”

Kaye Messenger, E2W Project Manager explains further “I am delighted that E2W have been retained by these new clients. Our Client Managers have spent many years working in the departments of the very institutions that our clients are targeting and so understand the value of the solutions they bring. That knowledge enables an E2W Client Manager to properly identify and qualify the key decision makers, engaging them in valuable conversations around key topics. This experience and skill set mean that they can really help our clients deliver key messages into a clearly targeted segment of decision makers and influencers.”

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