Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC Announces Revenue Modeling and Analytics Module

Boston, MA - 29 September 2008

Bonaire Software Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of financial services software solutions to institutional investment managers, wealth managers, mutual funds, hedge funds and bank/trusts, announced that it’s REVPORT™ Revenue Management and Fee Billing application will be adding a new Revenue Modeling and Analytics Module.

“REVPORT’s Revenue Modeling and Analytics module is a powerful business planning tool that allows pro-forma modeling of actual Client and Portfolio data already in the REVPORT system, said John Bosley, Chief Operating Officer at Bonaire. This allows a user to build more accurate, predictive models using actual data to examine granular effects right down to the individual fee schedule on a single portfolio.”

The Revenue Modeling and Analytics module is fully integrated with the REVPORT™ software platform. REVPORT™ automates and performs calculations for the fee billing and invoice process. Bonaire’s clients are able to calculate any type of fee for revenue streams and commissions; as well as fees & disbursements associated with accounts and portfolios

Key Features:

• Forecast using actual client and billing data for more accurate modeling and “what-if” projections
• Calculate a formula based rate of growth and create a variance report between forecast and actuals
• Allows modelling to be performed against limitless categories:
- Model by Product (Equity, Fixed, etc)
- Model by Strategy (Growth, Balanced, Value, etc)
- Model by Geographic location (US, Europe, Asia)
- Model by Client type (Institutional, Wealth, SMA, Retail)
• Allows users to set and define many model inputs:
- Forecast window (how far out to project in months)
- Growth/contraction assumptions on market value
- Project future state currency exchange rate relationships
- Cashflow assumptions (new clients, large inflows, large outflows, terminations)


• Export to Excel to create Customized graphical forecast reports
• Ability to connect to budgeting platforms for model output and update
• Integrates with any ODBC compliant data access tool

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