SoftCapital Announces RadarLite – A rich Internet application for the financial industry

23 September 2008

SoftCapital (SC), a leading independent software vendor, today announced the introduction of the company’s newest trading tool, RadarLite. Designed to run completely in a browser, behaving exactly like an installed application, as well as running on all operation systems aka. Windows, Linux and Apple.

SoftCapital is the first major vendor that develops a rich internet application for the financial community, and during the beta period it became a top-10 showcase at Adobe Corporation.

“RadarLite is designed to be very easy to use. In fact no manual for the product exists; tooltips and a 2 min. introductory video are quite sufficient for the user. We think this is a first in the industry” said Lars Pehrsson, CEO of SoftCapital.

RadarLite works together with SC´s Algoritmic trading solution “ScriptStudio” which can expose algorithmic order types to the users of RadarLite. This means that a bank offering RadarLite to their retail clients without any modifications in RadarLite, quickly can deploy a new ordertypes and thus very quickly adapt to changing market conditions and competitors offerings, Lars Pehrsson adds.

The end-users of RadarLite will primarily be retail clients of banks/brokers for use on their website in a branded version. Radar Lite only use port 80. In laymans terms this means that all end-users that is behind a corporate firewall will be able to use this application as long as they have access to a web browser. Even though we only use port 80 all sensitive communication between the client and the bank are encrypted using the best industry standards.

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