River Road and Knightsbridge Select Advent Portfolio Exchange® for Integrated Portfolio Management

22 September 2008

Advent Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADVS), a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry, today announced that River Road Asset Management, LLC and Knightsbridge Asset Management, LLC are enjoying the benefits of Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX), its award-winning, fully integrated portfolio and client relationship management solution.

Based in Louisville, KY, River Road Asset Management, LLC has more than $3.0 billion in assets under management. Knightsbridge has approximately $733 million in assets under management and is based in Newport Beach, CA. Both investment management firms sought a solution that would bring more automation to their processes and provide them with a cost-effective solution to accommodate growth and deliver quality service.

River Road Asset Management

A year after it opened its doors, River Road installed Axys®, Advent’s turnkey portfolio accounting and reporting solution. As the firm grew quickly, however, it needed an even more comprehensive and robust solution that could accommodate its growth, and that integrated portfolio accounting and reporting. River Road eventually migrated to APX to take advantage of its integrated platform and enhanced reporting functionality and scalability.

“APX enables us to produce a wide range of standard and customized reports to meet client requirements; we also use APX reporting to produce internal reports, which help the firm monitor risk, performance, and dispersion in its client portfolios,” said Thomas Mueller, Chief of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer, River Road Asset Management. “And we have significantly increased operational efficiency since implementing APX.”

River Road also uses Moxy®, Advent’s leading trade order management system. Added Mueller, “Leveraging the Advent suite for both of our core business operations – portfolio management and trading – enables us to operate in a more integrated, efficient manner, with less manual re-keying of data and the resulting risk of error.”

Knightsbridge Asset Management

Knightsbridge used to operate on multiple platforms, with a standalone portfolio accounting system, reports generated off spreadsheet software, and customer data scattered among different databases. After extensive due diligence on the alternatives, Knightsbridge selected APX.

“Part of the appeal of APX is that it incorporates a client relationship management (CRM) component, which was very important for us because we needed a way to consolidate all the different contact information,” said Chad Neault, Analyst, Knightsbridge Asset Management. “Having full CRM functionality integrated with portfolio data enables us to take a more holistic approach to managing client data and has also helped us streamline our reporting process considerably, which ultimately means better service for our clients. “

Knightsbridge also uses Moxy® and Advent’s powerful straight through processing (STP) solutions, including Advent® Custodial Data, Advent Corporate Actions®, and Advent’s FIX interface. Concluded Neault, “The efficiencies and workflow improvements gained are well worth the transition. Using Advent’s suite has been great. It’s given us the control we wanted and it has linked the two sides of the office, which enables us to complete a myriad of tasks more effectively – from keeping our portfolios clean to actually implementing investment decisions more quickly. I know we made a great choice.”

“APX provides River Road and Knightbridge with a cost-effective, proven solution designed to reliably handle the operational demands of their growing business and support their asset management strategies,” said Michele Holton, Director of Product Marketing for Advent. “We are delighted that Advent’s suite is helping these two firms support their current businesses while providing a platform that facilitates their continued success.”

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