Forbis Announces More Qualitative and Reliable Automated Intercommunication Between Banks and Customers

19 September 2008

The specialists of the Forbis company have performed integration of FORPOST*Customer Notification System and FORPOST*Remote Messaging Service module, thus opening new possibilities for more qualitative automated intercommunication of banks with their customers and ensuring even more reliability.

The mentioned integration enables to use SMS or e-mail as a channel for the management of changes in contracts, accounts, and important information related to customers. It is very important that the integration may be easily adjusted to the needs of the bank business.

The banks may send various messages to their customers. Such messages may contain information on customers’ income or customers’ obligations, e.g. messages to creditors on the indebtedness amount or the changes in the interest payment schedule, notifications on the expiration of a deposit contract or bank card account balance, information on reserved amounts in the bank card account, as well as the messages related to bank card blocking and the like. Besides, by employing this functionality, the banks may inform their customers on new products or send various advertising material.

The module of FORPOST*Remote Messaging Service has been improved: the length of the message is not restricted, e-mail messages are sent with attachments, besides, the contents of attached files or messages may be composed using XSL transformations from the FORPOST*Customer Notification System.

FORPOST*Remote Messaging Service is a reliable and secure module, which is characterised by a huge carrying capacity, i.e. high speed and consistency of flow. FORPOST*Customer Notification System automatically acquires these advantages after the performed integration.

One more very important aspect is that after reducing the number of the systems, which communicate with e-mail servers, security increases.

In future, it is stipulated to implement a set of security means of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), which is an outstanding encoding instrument and which will automatically be implemented in all the systems employing FORPOST*Remote Messaging Service alongside with FORPOST*Customer Notification System – the largest subsystem provided by the Forbis Company and designed for communication with the customers.

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