BHF-BANK (Frankfurt) inks INCENTAGE for its new integration architecture

18 September 2008

BHF-BANK, Frankfurt, will integrate its existing and future in-house applications through INCENTAGE’s Middelware Suite (IMS). IMS will also be used as SWIFTNet orchestration platform giving BHF-BANK the ability to register for any FIN, ISO20022 InterAct or FileAct service with very short time to market cycles. IMS also supports BHF-BANK with local formats integration and FIX services. Additionally INCENTAGE’s IPC (INCENTAGE Process Cockpit) will monitor and control all message flows.

BHF-BANK, Frankfurt, announced at SIBOS 2008 that the bank has acquired INCENTAGE’s Middleware Suite (IMS) and INCENTAGE’s Process Cockpit (IPC) to integrate their message flows internally as well as with the outside world. IMS INCENTAGE Middleware Suite will be used as a central integration platform

• to handle in-house message flows within BHF-BANK and to connect in-house applications (EAI Enterprise Application Integration),

• to manage any SWIFT message flows between BHF-BANK and the financial world,

• and to integrate other standards such as FIX or DTA messages.

Additionally INCENTAGE’s Business Activity Monitoring tool, the IPC INCENTAGE Process Cockpit, will monitor and assure proper quality of message flows. It will also automate the full range of Corporate Action message workflows.

The decision to integrate message handling and monitoring activities with INCENTAGE’s solutions has been taken by BHF-BANK in the first half of June 2008. INCENTAGE’s Corporate Action solution for FIN messages has been implemented in just three weeks and is in production since early July. The full range of integration solutions will be ready to operate in February 2009. BHF-BANK envisions SWIFT’s Alliance Access as future SWIFT Gateway.

Jürgen Paul Frank , MD at BHF-BANK, is pleased with the outlook: „We were impressed how quickly INCENTAGE integrated its Corporate Actions solution for FIN messages - the solution went live within 3 weeks. In the evaluation process we also found that INCENTAGE solutions provide comprehensive flexibility for our message handling activities; we believe that this point is a critical factor for the future success of BHFBANK’s activities and for replacement of our aging FIN platform.”

Felix Huber, CEO of INCENTAGE, adds: “INCENTAGE is delighted to cooperate with a renowned company like BHF-BANK. BHF-BANK demands a great deal of solutions and partners, and I am pleased to note that INCENTAGE meets these demands. We are planning to open an INCENTAGE office in Frankfurt in order to support our growing German customer community in the best possible way.”

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