SLIB Implements Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway to Simplify Straight-Through Processing of Transactions

Vienna, Austria - 15 September 2008

Sterling Commerce, an AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) company, announced that Services et Logiciels d'Intégration Boursière (SLIB), a leading provider of solutions and services for the European securities industry, has selected Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway to act as the central communications hub for secure, business-to-business (B2B) message exchange between SLIB’s partners and customers, its back office and its data warehouse.

The current economic climate, combined with an increasingly complex securities trading landscape, has created a number of challenges for SLIB and its customers. Today, increasing competition and the added complexity and growing volumes of cross-border financial transaction settlement, underpinned by stringent legislative compliance measures such as MiFID or initiatives such as Euroclear’s Single Platform, have led to rising demand for SWIFT capabilities in the securities industry from SLIB’s customers.

“In this environment, a major priority for SLIB is to be able to anticipate and actively respond to increasing demands from our customers. Our role is to help mitigate the complexity they are facing,” said Bernard Tardy, sales and marketing director at SLIB. “With Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway, SLIB benefits from a solid foundation for supporting future industry requirements, including new formats such as ISO 20022. By continuing to invest in state-of-the-art technology and accelerating business development, we are well positioned to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.”

Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway provides a single, scalable platform for delivering streamlined, efficient and cost-effective securities processing via SWIFTNet, ensuring the integration, routing and translation of messages to enable to straight-through processing for SLIB. Fully SWIFT compliant, Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway provides SLIB with heightened time to market in the delivery of new solutions to customers while providing the scalability to support future revenue plans for growth.

“Sterling Commerce was selected based on our industry-leading, SWIFT-Ready certified Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway solution, which provides a simplified but highly intuitive processing hub to enable a seamless and unified connection between SLIB solutions and SWIFT,” said Jim Gahagan, global industry executive, financial services for Sterling Commerce. “By consolidating process management onto a single platform, SLIB can drive operational efficiency via increased control and visibility. By connecting with new customers and partners efficiently, quickly and more cost effectively, SLIB improves its responsiveness to customer and industry needs with a highly adaptable solution that scales to match business growth.”

Sterling Multi-Enterprise Finance Gateway is a comprehensive business process management and integration solution for payments and other financial inter-enterprise communications, providing SLIB with the capability required for secure data delivery of multiple communication types to a range of partners and customers over different network and media standards, including SWIFT FIN and XML message and file support. In addition, the business process modeling functionality ensures that SLIB can readily adapt to evolving domestic and international standards, and it ensures end-to-end real-time visibility across SLIB’s value chain. The transparency of data at every step of the transactional process improves SLIB’s ability to provide status tracking and audit trails

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