DealHub’s Business Activity Monitoring tool provides a unique perspective of FX trading data

15 September 2008

Option Computers Ltd (OCL), the leading provider of STP solutions in the post-trade Foreign exchange market has enhanced its portfolio with a unique Business Activity Monitoring module (BAM) that provides both real-time and historical views of client FX trading activity.

Following integration to the bank’s systems, DealHub’s BAM module provides a low latency display for centralized and unified business intelligence and trend analysis for traders, sales, risk managers or chief dealers. Banks and brokerages that wish to focus on their clients trading activity can examine the data using both real-time and historical views on a single screen within the DealHub/DHView user application.

DHView provides multiple layouts and data views, with advanced filtering for extra granularity down to individual interactions including streaming pricing, RFQs and completed trades, and the ability to perform calculations such as hit ratios and transaction volumes.

The solution has been successfully implemented at a global investment bank where it is being used by traders and the eCommerce team to obtain intelligence on trading activity.

Peter Kriskinans, Managing Director of Option Computers stated ‘Our clients are the top FX dealing banks in the world, and DealHub is uniquely positioned in the trade processing cycle to collect and store comprehensive data on the customer flows from various sources such as e-commerce platforms, API trading, interbank, prime brokerage and manual/voice sources. We work in a very flexible manner with our clients and can enrich deal activity information by integrating to price streams and P&L or sales credit engines. The insight gained from this intelligence allows the bank to reduce risk through the proactive management of electronic trading, and to focus on their market and their customers to increase revenues. The value of the BAM module is increased by its ability to provide real-time alerting on latency issues within pricing systems. This feedback is invaluable in providing banks with the information that allows them to configure the most suitable pricing to secure increased client business.’

The DealHub BAM module provides different levels of business intelligence for spot traders, e-commerce teams, sales traders and management. Traders for instance, can create specific layouts to monitor and identify flows from key customers thereby enhancing their decision making during a trading day. Management can interact with overview screens which offer real-time monitoring of traders and customer groups, allowing instant drill down to establish flows, volumes and market direction. Historical reporting identifies volume and revenue trends across the client base, with detailed filtering by region, group, client, currency pair, time of day and number of interactions. Archive query with sub-second analysis of all interactions facilitates investigations and client trade disputes.

OCL is in discussion with a number of banks regarding use of the DealHub BAM module to supply key data to algorithmic trading models. The BAM Module is a key component in DealHub’s Complex Event Processing (CEP) product portfolio that offers a complete solution for event management, automated client pricing and dynamic algorithmic hedging across all connected platforms.

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