Sybase ASE and EAServer upgrade core business systems for Bank of Jilin

12 September 2008

Sybase, the largest enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilising information, has successfully upgraded the Bank of Jilin's core business system using its enterprise data management products Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) and Enterprise Application Server (EAServer).

Now fully implemented, the new platform supports the bank's full range of critical applications to provide customer services that include personal and corporate banking and credit finance. As a result, the Bank of Jilin expects to see improvements in many of its processes including business development, product innovation and self-service systems.

Headquartered in the city of Changchun in Jilin Province, the Bank of Jilin has 215 branches in the cities of Jilin, Liaoyuan and Changchun. In compliance with the requirements of the China Banking Regulatory Commission the bank moved to establish a province-wide banking network in early 2008, and incorporated four urban credit cooperatives in Tonghua, Baishan, Siping, Songyuan.

When looking to build an integrated business system to support this enlarged banking infrastructure, the Bank of Jilin focused on the need for real-time database management, stable 24x7 operations and an open and scalable architecture. Sybase ASE and EAServer with PowerBuilder® were ultimately chosen to form an operational platform for the core system database and reporting system.

"By adopting Sybase ASE and EAServer, we have significantly upgraded the Bank of Jilin's business systems and built a comprehensive banking business in our core markets, while centralising the entire data management for our operations," said Li Guibin, General Manager of Information Technology Department for Bank of Jilin. "We believe that Sybase ASE and EAServer provide a solid foundation for data protection which in turn, can boost our retail banking business and establish a strong brand name in the community."

The Sybase flagship database management product, Sybase ASE, is highly effective in lowering costs and reducing operational risk, as well as leveraging the latest technology to manage changing customer demand. The solution can store and process large volumes of data, while ensuring comprehensive data protection.

Sybase EAServer is an open enterprise application solution that provides industry-leading performance and availability, driving critical business applications at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Sybase EAserver combines with PowerBuilder to offer a seamless development environment that is able to access existing system components and support multiple languages including HTML, Java, JavaScript and XML.

"The financial industry is a very important market for Sybase and we appreciate that the Bank of Jilin has trusted the rebuilding of its core business systems to us. We will do our best to repay this trust," said Horace Chow, Vice President of Sybase Asia Pacific and General Manager of Sybase Greater China. "Sybase will continue to provide every client with the latest technology and services in order to contribute fully to the modernisation of China's computing infrastructure."

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