Satyam Honored Again for Corporate Social Responsibility

12 September 2008

Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE: SAY), a leading global consulting and information technology services provider, announced today that it has won the United Kingdom Trade and Investment India Business Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. Satyam was recognized for its work with the Byrraju Foundation, founded by Ramalinga Raju, Chairman of Satyam Computers.

The Byrraju Foundation builds progressive, self-reliant rural communities in India through a holistic, transformational approach. The foundation provides a broad range of services to villagers, including Healthcare, Education, Literacy, Water, Environment, Sanitation, Livelihoods, and Disability Rehabilitation.
Satyam was specifically honored for its participation in the Byrraju Foundation’s program to provide remote electrocardiograms (EKGs) check ups to villagers all over Andhra Pradesh. The EKG is a relatively routine medical treatment; it is a fairly simple test to monitor heart health. However, the way Byrraju Foundation delivers EKGs to rural Indians is anything but routine.

“Records from Byrraju Foundation healthcare facilities over the past seven years indicated unusually high incidences of two serious diseases—Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension—among rural Indians, These in turn make rural Indians more susceptible to cardiac problems,” said Verghese Jacob, Chief Integrator of Byrraju Foundation “So there is a crying need in rural areas for, periodic EKGs to detect heart abnormalities.”

However, providing EKGs for rural people required travel to the nearest town that featured these facilities. That usually required considerable travel and expense. To combat these problems, Satyam helped the Byrraju Foundation establish a telemedicine program—a broadband, wireless Internet platform that delivers a comprehensive list of services, including EKGs, virtually.

The system enables doctors in city hospitals use videoconferencing to monitor EKGs and dispense medical advice to their colleagues and patients in a Byrraju Foundation medical facility, usually hundreds of miles away. The whole procedure costs villagers less than one dollar.

“People who would never see a doctor because of the cost are taking advantage of this program,” said Jacob. “Doctors too, although originally reluctant to use the remote platform, have come to appreciate its effectiveness and utility. It is transforming the way healthcare is delivered in rural areas.”

So far, the Byrraju Foundation’s work has impacted more than 3 million people in 199 villages in six districts of Andhra Pradesh, a state of 80 million people in Southern India. It will expand into other states shortly.

A spokesperson for UKTI said "This is the first year that we instituted a Corporate Social Responsibility Award which was awarded to Satyam Computers for the work of its foundations in rural India and the establishment of the Emergency Management Research Institute which draws on Satyam's technology to improve the responsiveness of India's emergency services. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is about giving back to the community and promoting inclusive values in corporate organizations and that Satyam Computers has demonstrated this in full measure.”

This is the second significant honor Satyam and The Byrraju Foundation have received recently. In June, Satyam nominated Byrraju for a Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award, which it won. Another Satyam nominee and partner, the Emergency Medical Research Institute (an emergency response program similar to 911 in the US) also earned the honor.

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