Fundtech introduces global cash management platform to automate the financial supply chain

Jersey City, NJ - 10 September 2008

Fundtech Ltd. (NASDAQ: FNDT), a market leader in global transaction banking solutions, announced the introduction of Global CASHplus (GCP), a new generation transaction banking platform that combines comprehensive global cash management with the full range of automated financial supply chain features. For banks, GCP provides a competitive edge with its integrated features, operational efficiency, and Web 2.0-inspired user interface. Corporations will benefit from an unprecedented level of global financial control, enabling them to optimize their working capital while managing risk.

GCP is an extension of Fundtech’s end-to-end-to-end (also referred to as E-to-E2) strategy, which expands the traditional boundaries of global end-to-end transaction banking to include corporate clients and their trading partners. With far more visibility into their clients working capital needs, banks are able to provide new services that deliver greater financial leverage through just-in-time cash.

“As business becomes more global and electronic commerce more widespread, automated financial supply chain features are becoming a competitive necessity for both banks and their corporate clients,” said Sanjay Dalmia, managing director of Fundtech India, and head of Global CASHplus. “We have listened to hundreds of banks who currently use our cash management and financial supply chain products, and brought together the strengths of our worldwide products to create a true E-to-E2 community from invoicing to payment and collections.”

“There is no more powerful method for demonstrating to corporate clients that an institution is committed to providing holistic, integrated solutions than by offering a unified experience on the Web,” says Susan Feinberg, senior research director for wholesale banking at TowerGroup. “As banks look to enhance either cash management or trade offerings, it is important that they consider the needs of both their corporate clients conducting open account cross-border trade and those clients looking to automate and enhance the financial supply chain for domestic B2B commercial activity.”

Integrating Global Cash Management and Financial Supply Chain
For corporate users, GCP offers an abundance of cash management features. The multi-country / multi-currency payments and collections management functions support the full spectrum of electronic and paper-based transactions, and integrate with corporate ERP systems. The global liquidity management functions include cash pooling (real, notional, and cross-border), cash concentration, and a variety of sweeps.

With integrated financial supply chain features, corporate clients and their trading partners are connected to a seamless stream of transaction-related documents and information, which are connected to the flow of funds. Key features include: electronic invoicing and associated document management and a wide variety of open account trade finance features such as factoring, receivables financing, pre-shipment financing and reconciliation.

Advanced User Interface
Global CASHplus has a web 2.0-inspired user interface with many unique features. Utilizing Fundtech’s proprietary uCustomize™ technology, GCP will enable each individual user to define a personalized dashboard view of the data and services, as well as customize alerts and notifications. A “buddy list” of colleagues, trading partners and bank relationship managers is used to share transaction banking documents in a secure and audited manner.

Technology that Offers Operational Efficiency and Flexibility
GCP is a 100% Java (J2EE) solution, with many functions built in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). This advanced technology makes the GCP platform highly efficient and extensible across the banks service channels. With the uCustomize technology, a single instance of GCP can support a global operation by creating an almost endless number of versions that can be targeted to specific market segments (e.g. small, medium, and large businesses), as well as country-specific versions that support local language and banking requirements. GCP enables banks to consolidate transaction banking systems within countries, while easily expanding services in new countries. This level of efficiency and flexibility will make banks more competitive, both in their pricing as well as their ability to service the needs of their global clients.

GCP – Built Upon a Successful Heritage
Fundtech has been a leading provider of transaction banking software for 15 years and has hundreds of cash management and financial supply chain clients throughout the world. GCP is a new generation global transaction banking platform that is an outgrowth of Fundtech’s existing cash management, financial supply chain and transaction banking products and technology.

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