Capinordic Bank A/S chooses Corniche banking system for its Swedish operations

10 September 2008

Megasol Technologies is pleased to welcome Capinordic Bank A/S to its customer list. From September 1st 2008, the Swedish branch of Capinordic Bank is operating on the Corniche banking platform including CornicheNet, the associated online banking solution.

A rigorous selection process between competing vendors led to signing of contracts between Megasol and Capinordic in May 2008 followed by production of certain new service elements including facilities to allow interchange between the Danish and Swedish Capinordic platforms.

Mårten Törnquist, President of Megasol Technologies noted that the addition of Scandinavian automation features such as Bankgirot, with its autogiro and payment services, when combined with the extraordinary flexibility of Corniche gave financial institutions in Scandinavia a new cost effective choice for totally integrated financial management solutions. He said "Megasol prides itself in the capabilities of its flagship product, Corniche. Besides offering a wide range of tools for account management, pooled investments, commissionable agents and true multiple currency operations, its CornicheNet online banking module is one of the most complete in the global marketplace. It is not good enough to provide superb facilities for the back-office if the client interface is neglected. Megasol pays attention to both, being driven by our customers to lead the market."

Capinordic spokesperson, Ulrika Nathhorst Jener, commented "It was important to Capinordic Bank A/S that its Swedish branch be fully equipped to perform in its marketplace offering the full range of services required by our customers. On the other hand, we needed to ensure communications with our Danish HQ and with third-party financial transaction automation services such as other banks. Corniche offered the performance and services we required at an excellent price."

Ulrika Nathhorst Jener continued "We required certain enhancements to meet existing data transfer needs and new service options. In all cases, the Megasol team was helpful and the resulting extensions to Corniche were delivered on time and within budget. I can best describe our relationship with Megasol as a partnership of friendship since that is the way in which Megasol operates its customer relationships."

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