Calypso SaaS Enables Rapid Expansion into New Business Areas

San Francisco, CA - 10 September 2008

Calypso Technology Inc, a global application software provider of an integrated trading application suite to the capital markets industry, today announced the launch of its SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. Calypso SaaS provides a powerful enterprise trading and risk management application for treasury and capital markets in a managed, outsourced environment. The solution will address the needs of the increasing number of financial institutions which are focusing solely on their core business by outsourcing the management of applications and infrastructure, as well as support of their technology platforms.

For trading businesses, Calypso SaaS offers the power and sophistication of the Calypso Trading and Risk Management Platform in an environment which dramatically improves time-to-market while reducing IT and infrastructure costs. It Calypso SaaS is especially beneficial for customers seeking to achieve rapid expansion into new geographies or business areas with minimal capital outlay. Built and managed by a dedicated team of product and technical specialists, Calypso SaaS allows the deployment of the full range of modules that comprise Calypso's front-to-back, fully integrated cross-asset trading software application suite. In addition, the SaaS solution is designed for ease of deployment and maintenance, available with built-in interfaces to market standard feeds and post-trade processing services. The hosted solution also benefits users with managed upgrades, ensuring that clients always have the latest product innovations at their fingertips.

Charles Marston, Chairman and CEO of Calypso Technology, Inc, says: "While many of our clients prefer to run their technology in-house, an increasing number of prospects and clients have expressed interest in an outsourced approach. We have addressed this challenge by developing Calypso SaaS, which essentially provides firms with all the benefits of an enterprise system - a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge trading applications - without any of the traditional infrastructure investment costs and lead times. The initial response from clients has been extremely positive, with the first users already coming onboard."

Highlights of Calypso SaaS include:

- On-demand service: Calypso SaaS customers can choose the type of service they want.
- Fast time-to-market: Calypso SaaS leverages Calypso Fast-Track for implementation and leverages the knowledge and lessons learned from over 90 clients.
- Real-time position management: Customers benefit from user-defined views of real-time positions and P&L.
- Consolidated risk management: Customers receive real-time and consolidated views on their risk exposures across asset classes.
- Secure and robust platform - Calypso SaaS provides an industrial-strength secure data center.

"Calypso is dedicating extensive resources to the SaaS offering and we are excited to be meeting diverse market requirements with an alternative delivery model of our robust and sophisticated, front-to-back, cross-asset solution," continued Mr. Marston. "Already, Calypso SaaS is generating a great deal of interest from new business initiatives looking to capitalize on dislocations within the current credit environment where time-to-market is critical."

The Calypso Trading and Risk Management platform is used by a wide range of financial institutions including global banks, regional banks, asset managers, insurance companies and hedge funds.

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