smartMARKETER eChannel 5.0 provides advanced digital marketing capabilities

6 November 2008

smartFOCUS DIGITAL, a leader in email and digital marketing software, has announced the launch of smartMARKETER eChannel 5.0. The digital marketing system includes advanced campaign and list management capabilities and allows the planning and deployment of large-scale campaigns.

The advanced campaign management features provided by smartMARKETER eChannel include event triggering and multi-step actions where a series of targeted emails can be sent to a group of consumers or prospects over a pre-defined period of time. Based on content rules created by marketers and personal preferences set by users, the dynamic content targeting features can automatically trigger individually tailored emails to thousands of recipients. The system also enables easy comparisons between campaigns, allowing marketers to judge the effectiveness of different campaigns and tactics.

Provided by smartFOCUS DIGITAL, smartMARKETER eChannel builds on the campaign planning and management expertise of parent company smartFOCUS. Relevant communications, which bypass spam filters ensure higher returns for campaigns, while the target management functionality includes the ability to create more accurate and detailed lists, in a more flexible way.

The graphical content editor which works on major browsers, including Apple Mac, makes it easy for marketers to build and edit digital communications with no technical knowledge. smartMARKETER eChannel supports all foreign languages including Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic. It is also timezone aware, allowing marketers located across the globe to log-in to view campaign plans and information in their local timezones. An innovative tree structure allows dependencies between marketing actions to be represented graphically, and for actions to be grouped together and assigned distinctive icons for rapid communication of a campaign plan.

Bryan Black, managing director smartFOCUS DIGITAL, said: “the smartMARKETER eChannel is a new generation digital marketing system which combines the benefits of advanced campaign management technology with the flexibility of smartFOCUS multi channel digital communication system. smartMARKETER eChannel can integrate existing customer databases, and be adapted to suit different needs and budgets, enabling smartFOCUS DIGITAL to bring additional campaign planning capabilities to a wide range of businesses and organisations.”

smartMARKETER eChannel is a multi-channel digital marketing system which integrates Email, Micro-site, SMS, RSS and form functionalities.

smartMARKETER eChannel is compatible with the most common browser and operating systems including Mac, deployed as Software as a Service (“SaaS”).

smartFOCUS DIGITAL is the company formerly known as Email Reaction. smartMARKETER eChannel is a new generation of digital marketing system. It combines the benefits of advanced campaign management technology developed from the flexible and powerful Email Reaction technology, to serve multi channel digital marketing. Email Reaction was acquired by smartFOCUS in 2006 and re-branded to smartFOCUS DIGITAL in 2008.

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