Fitch Solutions Partners with NumeriX

6 November 2008

Fitch Solutions, a division of the Fitch Group and leading provider of risk and performance analytics and valuation solutions, has announced a partnership with NumeriX, the independent leading analytics provider for the structuring, pricing and valuation of derivatives and structured products.

NumeriX will launch a new data adapter that supports Fitch Solutions consensus pricing data for corporate, sovereign, loan and asset-backed credit derivatives (CDS) as well as CDS indices information. As a result, NumeriX users will be able to leverage more credit data as they structure complex derivatives. In current risk-averse markets, investors require access to instant, accurate data to anticipate and act upon market instability. The partnership with Fitch Solutions gives NumeriX users the ability to immediately value, price and capture new transactions as they enter the market.

NumeriX analytics support financial products across all asset classes. Combined with pricing information from Fitch Solutions, users will benefit from greater deal coverage and accuracy. With easy access to Fitch Solutions data, NumeriX users can bring strategies to market faster for a significant competitive edge.

“We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like NumeriX,” said Gloria Aviotti, Group Managing Director and head of Fitch Solutions. “In today’s environment, access to accurate data and analytics is more important than ever. Both companies provide superior quantitative and analytic solutions to the financial industry, to ensure investors are equipped with the best tools. We look forward to working with NumeriX to better serve the needs of our customers.”

“After almost two years of unstable credit markets, the quick and accurate flow of data is crucial to powering useful and effective analytics,” said NumeriX President and COO, Steven R. O’Hanlon, “Through our partnership with Fitch Solutions, NumeriX now offers full access to robust credit data for financial institutions, offering customers more flexibility and helping them make more informed investment decisions.”

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