Diebold Delivers 1,000 Opteva® Recycling Terminals to Dexia

5 November 2008

Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in integrated self-service delivery and security systems, has been awarded a two-year branch transformation project by leading European retail banking group Dexia. The deal includes 1,000 Opteva® 328 EF/D recycling units and an accompanying services package. Equipped with Agilis Power software, the Opteva 328 EF/D recycling units have been customised to meet Dexia’s key requirements for cash recycling and dispenser functionality. They are destined for Dexia’s branches in Belgium and will replace the bank’s existing Diebold 9x series automated teller machine (ATM) units.

The consultation process for this new contract started when Dexia embarked on a project to examine the profitability and security of the branch. The new Diebold installation meets the challenge of collecting and recycling commonly used banknotes while also allowing consumers to withdraw any kind of Euro banknotes including 5,100 and 500€ banknotes. Providing a flexible, upgradeable solution, it will allow machines to be configured as cash-in, cash-out, recycling or any combination of the three. It also includes a services package featuring Agilis Power custom software, maintenance services and an integrated end-to-end cash protection system, which protects cash whether it is in the ATM, cash centre or in transit.

“Banks are increasingly looking for better automation for their ATMs, and Dexia is no exception,” said Dave Wetzel, vice president and general manager of Western Europe, Diebold. “The new generation of Opteva models is leading the way in bank transformation and releasing staff for more value-added tasks.”

“We were looking for a reliable partner with the right technology to modernise our branch network and bring it into line with the very latest technology,” said a Dexia spokesperson. “We believe we now have that partner in Diebold and are delighted with our current progress.”

Diebold’s Opteva 328 EF/D is the most versatile cash deposit and recycling machine of its kind. Fully compliant with European Central Bank Article 6 requirements, it allows a customer to make a bulk cash deposit of up to 200 notes – without an envelope – directly into the machine so a customer’s account can be instantly credited, if the bank’s policy permits. This increases customer adoption, especially for small business merchants making daily deposits.

The ATM also has a secure escrow area where the deposited notes remain until the customer accepts the transaction, allowing them to cancel the transaction and have the notes returned if necessary. It also gives the ATM the opportunity to easily validate note deposits, which can then be sorted by denomination, added to the existing recycler supply and re-dispensed according to demand, significantly lowering cash handling costs.

The deposit mechanism from the ATM is equipped with many sensors for fraud detection enabling the bank to safely operate the ATM in an unattended environment. The algorithms for counterfeit detection are updated on regular basis to optimise discrimination of new versions from counterfeit banknotes.

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