Volatile Markets call for Flexible Solutions to Keep Pace with Changing Market Conditions

4 November 2008

Today’s volatile financial markets require reliable, market-tested solutions that are flexible enough to deal with changing market conditions and the need for better pricing and risk management. To address this need FINCAD launched two new products today: FINCAD Analytics Suite 2009 for Excel and FINCAD Analytics Suite 2009 for Developers. These products replace FINCAD’s flagship products FINCAD XL and FINCAD Developer, and include a new technology platform that accelerates the ability to add new instrument coverage.

Capabilities in FINCAD’s new Analytics Suite 2009 address current market needs with expanded instrument coverage in the areas of credit derivatives, volatility instruments, interest rate derivatives and exotic options. New models include the SABR stochastic volatility model and a cross-currency hybrid IR/FX model with FX volatility skew. As the leader for cross asset class derivative and fixed income analytics, FINCAD delivers the coverage and reliability needed by clients globally.

“In times where asset valuations are elusive, users should welcome efforts by vendors to develop instrument coverage capability, expand pricing functionality, and increase transparency of valuation functions.” said Dr. Mayiz Habbal, Senior VP of Capital Markets at Celent, an international financial strategy consultancy.

“This is an exciting day for us,” said Bob Park, FINCAD’s CEO. “Our customers need solutions that are fast, reliable, and flexible. At FINCAD we are proud of our reputation for fully transparent industry standard analytics, and these new products are more powerful. The new functions for credit derivatives provide complete risk statistics, including the valuation’s sensitivity to every input. All workbooks are now integrated with links to FINCAD Market Data and Bloomberg®. Today’s market conditions reflect an unprecedented need to measure derivative exposures and FINCAD is releasing products that accomplish this.”

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