E2W launches a new service that supports software providers in their efforts to establish a sustainable business model, in complex financial markets, across the Atlantic

27 November 2008

E2W (UK and USA) today announces the launch of its service aimed at helping software houses located on either side of the Atlantic to build a sustainable business, in previously non-established territory.

One of the biggest challenges facing software companies serving the complex financial markets is to decide ‘When and How’ to take the business across the Atlantic. The rewards for those who succeed in establishing a sustainable and profitable operating unit are obvious; but the risks, costs and effort required to achieve that goal, see many fail along the way.

For vendors focused on growth, establishing a presence in the US and Europe is a must. But the options for achieving this are few and rarely balance cost, risk and control into a winning strategy. E2W’s service combines the ability to deliver, on demand, the range of skill sets required for success, coupled with a collaborative approach to getting started in a new territory.

Customers of E2W’s new service will
• be able to demonstrate to potential clients a level of commitment to the local market.
• draw on the range of skill sets within E2W that combine into a winning team.
• Monitor progress against KPI’s and work to an agreed business plan.

Joe Bellofatto, E2W’s Country Manager in the US, comments “Since opening our own office in the US, we have helped a number of our UK clients establish themselves in the US market. We have combined this expertise with our own extensive understanding of the client and their needs in the local market to develop an innovative service that has already proven itself.”

Mark Freed, E2W’s Director responsible for this initiative, remarks “Many will recognise the issues and potential risk of entering a new market. Our people and our business framework are a winning ‘blueprint’ for achieving long term success in overseas markets. We are sure our service will become a standard. We allow Managers to focus on the development of their business in their home territory, in the knowledge that E2W are doing the same and are equally motivated building it in New York or London.

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