InteDelta announces market intelligence expansion

26 November 2008

InteDelta, the risk management consultancy, has announced an expansion of services. In addition to the core service of deliverables based consulting, its market intelligence offering has been expanded. This provides financial service institutions with market intelligence on how their peer group, customers or other market participants deal with some of the hot topics in risk management. InteDelta has an established methodology for the conduct of market intelligence and this can be conducted either for a single client or on a syndicated basis across multiple clients.

Michael Bryant, Managing Director of InteDelta advises “Clients often have an intuitive feeling that their risk or business practices are not in line with market practice, but may not be in a position to demonstrate this with hard facts. In today’s climate no-one wants to find out when it’s too late that their practices were out of line with the market. Our market intelligence studies are an independent means of surveying best practice.”

Upcoming market intelligence survey topics include:

• Credit Value Adjustment (CVA) - how are banks approaching this from an organisational, policy, methodology and systems perspective?

• Risk Management Lessons from the credit crisis – what went wrong and what changes are institutions making?

• Incremental Default Risk Charge (IDRC) – what modelling approaches are being taken?

• Internal Model Method/ Own Alpha – what modelling approaches are being taken? What capital benefits are achieved using own alpha?

• Risk Management efficiency review – how efficient is your risk management function compared against a variety of efficiency metrics?

• Counterparty Risk Management for the buy-side – in light of recent events, how should the buy-side be managing its counterparty risk?

• Collateral Management Target Operating Model – how do institutions organise their collateral management functions for optimal efficiency and client delivery?

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