the Generations Network Optimizes Datacenter-wide Release Cycles of Iis and Web Content with Repliweb Deployment

19 November 2008

RepliWeb, a leader in application infrastructure software for web content and application deployment automation, managed file transfer, and SharePoint synchronization, today announced that The Generations Network, Inc. (TGN), has implemented RepliWeb Deployment (R-1) to manage and automate code deployments within its Release Management Group. TGN relies on RepliWeb Deployment to accelerate the distribution of web content and IIS Metabase throughout production IT infrastructure and distributed datacenters.

With a comprehensive collection of services including,, and RootsWeb, TGN helps people to discover their roots, document their heritage, and sustain family legacies. In the midst of a significant growth phase, TGN has rolled out an impressive number of new websites, search engines and publishing platforms to serve their rapidly-growing user community.

As a result of exceptional business expansion, TGN’s Release Management Group manages approximately 400 production web servers. Servers are updated continuously, resulting in hundreds of update jobs every week. Maintaining content continuity across their network is a business-critical concern and a significant point of competitive advantage. In order to keep up with an ever-growing environment, and to maintain high standards for customer service, TGN realized the need to implement a web deployment solution that automated, streamlined and governed all update processes.

TGN turned to RepliWeb Deployment (R-1), as it uniquely addressed their need to manage content, code and IIS release cycles. Scheduling and process automation were also essential features for TGN, and proven strong points of R-1. The product’s API, diverse scheduling options and Transactional Update feature (which allows for timed “go live” release of content or code across all servers in a datacenter) delivered production workflow benefits and reliability. R-1’s ability to manage IIS deployments was a significant advantage, which set it apart from other solutions.

“Before we implemented R-1, making a single, manual IIS change on a 120-server farm might take one person eight hours to accomplish. Human error is also a concern – if someone makes a simple mistake on one or two machines, pinpointing and fixing the issue is like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” said Ron Hair, senior director of Web/IT Operations at TGN. “With R-1, we can push that same IIS update out to the same farm in 10-15 minutes, and we don’t have to worry about human error. These features really set R-1 apart, and they’ve improved the productivity of our group.”

“Deployment automation is essential for organizations like TGN that have thousands of servers under management. Improving processes or deployment times by a mere 10 percent can have a significant impact on IT operations” commented Yossi Moriel, CEO, RepliWeb. “In organizations that depend heavily on IIS, R-1 delivers a significant improvement in deployment processes, delivering long term cost savings and dependability improvements across the board.”

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