Mobilearth and Cooperative Services bring Mobile Banking to the Credit Unions of Georgia.

14 November 2008

Mobilearth, a provider of Mobile Banking software for financial institutions is pleased to announce a reseller agreement with Cooperative Services, Inc. to provide mobile banking to credit unions throughout the state of Georgia. A unique pilot program over the summer gave credit unions in the Atlanta area the opportunity to try out mobile banking without no strings attached.

The Mobilearth Mobile Banking application was hosted by CSI, a provider of check imaging and e-statement services to the credit unions in the state of Georgia. Add Tia Lee, COO for Mobilearth, “There is a great synergy between Cooperative Services and Mobilearth. Giving smaller financial institutions the opportunity to offer leading edge mobile banking technology just like the big banks at a very competitive price levels the playing field for all financial institutions.

CSI will host the application for the credit union so setup requirements are minimal. Most credit unions will be up and running in less than a month.

We’ve added a free 30 day evaluation option so credit unions can test out the system free of charge before they roll out to the general public. It gives them some time to train their own employees and develop a marketing plan prior to their official launch.”

TRG Mobilearth Inc. has developed a range of products that allow customers the ability to perform standard banking functions from their mobile devices. Account transaction and system generated alerts, multi-factor authentication, a portal page on the mobile phone for marketing as well as standard banking functions (account balances, transaction history, bill pay, transfers) are available by mobile phone, PDA and computer.

In addition to the standard mobile browser channel, Mobilearth also has a text channel using SMS to give customers real time banking information. Customers can text in for balance and history information; this channel can be used by a marketing department to create custom text promotional campaigns.

Using one URL, the Mobilearth solution automatically recognizes the device and presents the correct view. Customers can choose the language in which they want to view the application (currently English, Spanish and French are available) as well as how and when they want to receive their alerts.

Graeme Cox, CTO of Mobilearth adds, “This application is built for maximum flexibility. For the banks, it means everything from being able to change colours, icons and graphics on the view without technical support to creating custom audit reports at the moment’s notice; all without sacrificing performance or security.

For customers, it means two channels of accessibility to their accounts, self service for their own account settings and even the ability to choose the alerts they want, when they want and how they want.”

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