Migratory links Tibco GI to Reuters RMDS via its RMDS2WEB real-time push web server

14 November 2008

TIBCO General Interface (GI) is an open source toolkit focused on enabling rapid creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with the look and feel of desktop graphical user interface applications.

The interoperability between Tibco GI and Migratory's RMDS2WEB push web server provides institutions the ability to quickly create real-time web applications for distributing financial information and news from any Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) to their customers.

The RMDS2Web server has built-in integration with RMDS 5 / 6 and its push capability is currently unrivalled in terms of scalability. One server instance running on a machine with 2 dual-core processors is able to serve 500,000 concurrent users.

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