Dorset County Hospital to Speed-up Processing of 50,000 Invoices per Year with Version One integrated into Infor

11 November 2008

Dorset County Hospital, one of the leading NHS Foundation Trusts in the UK, is implementing document management and imaging software from Version One to speed-up the processing of 50,000 purchase invoices each year and free-up document storage space. These new systems are expected to go-live to up to 150 users in early 2009.

By using Version One’s software tightly integrated into its Infor Smartstream accounting system, Dorset County Hospital will significantly reduce the time-consuming manual entry of purchase invoice data and will also be able to electronically store and retrieve purchase invoices directly from its Smartstream system. In addition, using Version One’s Windows Document Capture Interface, Dorset will be able to capture any on-screen document and automatically store the document image to the Version One archive.

Kevin Goater, Acting Director Of Finance from Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust says, “We currently have to manually key-in data regarding our 5,000 suppliers which is very laborious, costly and prone to error. Document storage is also a problem as it is a statutory requirement for us to keep our paid invoices for five years which results in a tremendous amount of filing space being taken up. Version One’s software, which we selected due to its tight integration with Infor Smartstream and solid reputation, will reduce manual data entry by up to 75%, eliminate data entry errors and will allow us to free-up document storage space.”

Using a Kodak i160 scanner and Version One’s software, all purchase invoices and credit notes arriving into Dorset County Hospital will be scanned centrally, tagged to the appropriate record in the Infor Smartstream accounting system and electronically stored. Version One’s OCR technology will automatically capture purchase invoice data, significantly reducing manual data entry. In addition, with Smartstream’s workflow module used in conjunction with Version One’s DbArchive storage system, invoice approvers will be able to view and approve invoices directly from their PCs, further enhancing purchase-to-pay efficiency.

Goater comments, “Document Imaging technology is now an essential part of any accounts payable department. Once in place, we will no longer have to search through filing cabinets for invoices as we will be able to instantly retrieve them, within seconds, from the desktop. We will also enjoy faster payment processing, enabling us to pay our suppliers in a more timely fashion. In addition, Version One’s software will support our green agenda and help us to comply with any future environmental legislation.”

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