12 May 2008

Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), the largest enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information, today announced the launch of RAP – The Trading Edition™, a next–generation market analytics platform that lets capital markets firms make better trading, risk and portfolio decisions with less risk through timelier, more comprehensive market insight. Designed specifically for high-volume, high-velocity trading environments, RAP – The Trading Edition accelerates varying analytics requirements for all asset classes in a single platform.

RAP – The Trading Edition enables capital markets firms to capture and consolidate high volumes of market data feeds by efficiently storing multiple years of trade and other data in real time—compressing stored data by up to 70% and capable of storing up to terabytes of data—while delivering 10 to 100 times faster analytics performance than traditional data management platforms.

“The risk analytics market has barely been tapped. There’s a huge growth opportunity to be seized for vendors providing innovative offerings to optimize performance,” said Tom Price, Senior Analyst at TowerGroup. “Wall Street is hurting and they need to look at solutions that will provide them with better efficiencies in their trade lifecycles.”

Leading financial services institutions, such as Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc (MUSI), have already adopted RAP – The Trading Edition, the first commercially available solution for addressing combined analytics requirements.

“As an early adopter of RAP – The Trading Edition, our trading desk has been able to be more responsive to market opportunities through faster, more complete analysis of market data, both historical and real-time feeds,” said Jason Ross, director, Rates Trading Group at MUSI. “We were pleasantly surprised at the performance speed, and found we need only half the storage capacity to store the same amount of data.”

Other key beneficiaries of the solution include quantitative analysts, risk managers, and compliance officers. Analysts can run powerful quantitative models against years’ worth of time-series market data, trading histories, and reference data, with complex analysis running in minutes vs. hours; risk managers can monitor balance sheet exposure hourly to reduce firm-wide risk; and compliance officers can audit the trade flow to meet the latest compliance requirements.

“RAP – The Trading Edition is the only integrated solution today with the ability to absorb streaming market data feeds and consolidate these with vast stores of historical data for common shared access and analysis. We offer an enterprise-class platform that can offer a single source of data to the entire trade life cycle, from quantitative analysis, through pre-trade pricing, to risk analysis and compliance,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, Chief Marketing Officer at Sybase. “In today’s unforgiving market environment, financial services firms need best-in-class, bullet-proof solutions that afford instantaneous throughput with no down-time. Sybase® RAP – The Trading Edition is very robust, having a built-in administrative console and dependable business continuity/disaster recovery solutions to protect against system failures.”

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