Innovatum adds Biometric Signatures to IBM's DB2 on the System i

Sugar Hill, GA - 27 February 2008

Innovatum today announced it has integrated VSSA® from ValidTech for strong user authentication into DataThread, Innovatum’s multi-award winning Data Audit and Workflow product for the IBM System i. DataThread’s configurable, cascading electronic signatures now support VSSA in the same manner as their electronic signatures.

This new solution, allows customers to implement strong, transaction-level user authentication into their IBM System i applications, anywhere they want, saving time and money.

DataThread monitors access at the database level so even ‘back door’ changes are detected and authenticated. Customers can add VSSA strong user authentication to all of their System i applications quickly and cost effectively via simple configuration menus and with no need for additional programming.

Ardi Batmanghelidj, President of Innovatum, said that "DataThread has been designed to meet data audit and workflow compliance needs through easy, menu-driven integration of these capabilities into existing systems. Now, again without intrusion, we can add the strong user authentication and auditability of VSSA at the record and field level in minutes, further strengthening our offerings to the customer base.”

Tom Secreto, CTO at Valid added "The integration of VSSA and DataThread will enable a 360° view of System i activity and real-time authentication at the most granular level, on the data, where you need it. This deep, granular, strong user authentication adds significantly to security, accountability, and productivity.”

In this new strategic alliance Innovatum will continue to sell and support DataThread, now with the VSSA option. VSSA is marketed through OEM’s and IBM authorized business partners on a one-time license basis, and is priced based on the number of active enrolled VSSA users.

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