5 March 2008

Catalyst, a business unit of CDC Global Services, has announced the worldwide launch of a drag-and-drop scheduling solution for the SAP® Yard Management System (YMS). This unique solution simplifies the process of yard management and delivers more effective administration, visibility, and control for yard managers.

The yard, often considered a blind spot where time and resources are wasted, is the first and last place products are examined in a distribution center. Time and resource delays in the yard can reduce productivity, impact customer satisfaction, and increase overall costs for the yard and warehouses.

“The SAP Yard Management System (YMS) provides the visibility and control needed to simplify and accelerate all yard activities, thus extending warehouse management outside the physical walls of the warehouse,” said Brian Thorn, vice president of sales and operations, Catalyst. “Catalyst has drawn on its SAP experience to deliver a solution that simplifies this process even further and makes effective yard management more intuitive and easier to control.”

With Catalyst’s new drag-and-drop scheduling solution, the operator can allocate specific trailers to precise docks by dragging an icon representing the trailer to the desired docking area. This allows the operator to instantly see which trailers are waiting to be allocated and which docking areas are available. Through integration with scheduling systems and advance shipping notifications, operators know in advance what is on incoming trailers and what goods are becoming available for dispatch. Operators can save time and money by allocating resources in an appropriate and efficient manner.

Furthermore, this solution provides a real-time, three-dimensional view of the entire yard. By viewing easy-to-read, color-coded graphs, the yard manager can survey and evaluate all situations, allowing them to make proactive and critical management decisions directly.

Thorn concludes, “In today’s highly-competitive environment, a sophisticated supply chain solution needs to manage the flow of materials throughout the logistics and distribution process. Yard management has rapidly become a critical component of an overall supply chain solution. With Catalyst’s unique drag-and-drop scheduling solution, the SAP Yard Management System (YMS) becomes more powerful and easier to use, allowing the optimized management of the yard.”

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