Argo Software Engineering Announces New Release of Argo Trading Platform

Long Grove, IL - 26 March 2008

Argo SE Inc., is a leading provider of highly efficient software for financial industry, announced today the new release of Argo Trading Platform. The new version features more functionality, higher performance and new market place connectivity modules.

Argo Trading Platform provides direct access to the world's major Exchanges, ECNs, ATSs and brokers. The platform combines powerful trading front-end, speed of light order routing and reliable order management facility, market data distribution system, sophisticated algorithmic trading server, FIX and reliable multicast based inter-process communication and rich administrative tools. Platform capabilities include trading of various security types, real-time quoting, real-time charting, real-time positions and risks monitoring.

Argo Trading Platform is a white label product. One can purchase application source code by paying one-time license fee and then distribute the application to your clients without paying additional fees.

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