19 March 2008

ILOG® (NASDAQ: ILOG, Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) today announced it is contributing to the momentum of open source within the Eclipse community with several initiatives. Among these initiatives is ILOG’s Agile Business Rules Development methodology (ABRD) -- the industry’s first free, vendor-neutral methodology delivered as an Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) that provides a step-by-step process for developing business rule applications. The company also announced that it is making available a Java to C# source code converter to the open source community under the Eclipse Public License, and that it has become a leading contributor in the Albireo project for developing Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications. These initiatives are aimed at helping developers to build robust applications on the EPF.

Industry First Open Source Methodology for Business Rules

ILOG’s ABRD mitigates the risk associated with new business rules initiatives by providing a well-documented and structured approach for developing rule-based applications. ABRD allows organizations to avoid using ad-hoc processes or having to expend significant time and effort creating their own best practices.

“ILOG’s contribution to business rules management systems (BRMS) application development methodology is a substantial advancement for the business rules industry,” said Ricardo Balduino, Eclipse project committer and IBM senior software engineer. “ABRD allows ILOG to show organizations that are looking to create rules-based applications how to more easily use and benefit from BRMS technology, a weakness in the industry until now.”

“The ABRD methodology represents one aspect of the body of knowledge rooted in the ILOG Solution Implementation Standard (ISIS),” said Jérôme Boyer, services director at ILOG. “It leverages best practices from hundreds of ILOG consultants around the globe to help organizations reduce application development time and build highly agile business systems.”

Donation of Java to C# Source Code Converter

Also, as part of its open source initiative, ILOG announced the contribution of a Java to C# source code converter to the open source community under the Eclipse Public License. The translator converts an Eclipse Java project into Microsoft Visual Studio C#.

ILOG became the first business rules vendor to join the Eclipse Consortium in February 2004 and has long been a committed supporter of the program.

Spearheads Albireo Integration Project

ILOG has also announced it is a contributing member in the Albireo project. The company will use its visualization expertise towards the project goal of improving the ease in which native Java and Eclipse user interfaces work together, which has thus far been a challenge. ILOG is one of the two companies spearheading the project to improve Swing (Java graphics) and SWT (Eclipse graphics) integration. By providing a higher-level Swing and SWT integration framework, the Albireo project will make the reuse of existing Swing components easier and will further reduce the barriers to entry encountered by new Rich Client Platform (RCP) adopters.

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