France's National Publishing Group reduces B2B complexity with Sterling Commerce

London - 18 March 2008

Sterling Commerce, a subsidiary of AT&T (NYSE : T), today announced that Sakarah, a subsidiary of France’s leading publishing house, the Imprimerie Nationale group, has selected Gentran Integration Suite™ (GIS) as the multi-enterprise SOA (MESOA) platform to enable greater B2B and B2A collaboration beginning with its global member community of 42,000 customers and 1,500 suppliers.

Gentran Integration Suite provides a single point of control for managing the secure and reliable exchange of electronic business documents and invoices between Imprimerie Nationale and its private and public sector members located across 26 countries. Additionally, GIS provides Imprimerie Nationale with a flexible integration foundation that addresses the challenges of diverse and rapidly changing business requirements. By providing a consistent business-process oriented operating model, revenue-generating processes can be shared across multiple partners, suppliers and customers, to achieve greater value and ROI.

Imprimerie Nationale’s Sakarah collaborative network enables members to securely exchange and share documents relating to billing and payments. The business process management functionality enabled by GIS equips Sakarah with the necessary flexibility to securely and effectively manage transactions across its diverse customer base, by acting as a flexible layer and an intelligent interface between the back office and the external environment, whilst checking data validity and consistency.

Through Gentran Integration Suite, documents can be sent and received in the user’s preferred format (EDI, SAP iDoc, Excel spreadsheet) and communication method (FTP, AS2, VAN), helping to reduce the complexity of managing multiple communication protocols and standards and providing the necessary scalability to handle future requirements.

“Imprimerie Nationale was established in 1538, so we needed an integration solution that was flexible and robust enough to meet our quality and performance standards whilst ensuring that our business remains as relevant and innovative now as it has been throughout the centuries,” explains Vincent Dreux, Sakarah Network’s director. ” Gentran Integration Suite improves our operational efficiency and offering to customers by seamlessly integrating our partners and processes. As a result of Sterling Commerce‘s B2B expertise, we will be able to communicate with all our current and future partners, regardless of their location, size, or technological capabilities.”

Chris Hayes, senior product marketing manager at Sterling Commerce added: “In 2008, around 300 000 members are connected to the network, illustrating the complexity associated with managing a global B2B and B2A community’. GIS is designed specifically to overcome this challenge and additionally provides a strategic multi-enterprise service-oriented architecture that will enable Sakarah to rapidly respond to change. By taking a more strategic view of IT, Imprimerie Nationale can achieve greater business agility, flexibility and interoperability and maximise competitive growth and profitability, both now and in the future.”

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