FORPOST*Internet Banking Optimization

15 March 2008

The Forbis Company has improved the FORPOST*Internet Banking optimizing work of both the bank’s staff and customers.

The Banks have been afforded the opportunity by themselves to create FORPOST*Internet Banking blocks and pages in the application entering forms. Using the parameterization, banks’ employees can create new pages according to the bank business logic without heavy outlay.

The possibility to split an application entering has been implemented: large documents can be entered by filling several forms step by step. The values of operation fields are interrelated: changing the value of one field automatically determines necessity of entering other fields as well as their displaying according to the order set in the bank.

As a result, the application form filling through IB becomes easier. Depending on the entered or corrected value of a line of information, values of other fields may change both on the displayed page as well as on the next following pages. Thus, during the bank customer operating in IB, traffic slows down; interface reaction speed increases because only small part of IB page reloads when updating information.

Thanks to the fact that one or another field shows up, hides or becomes disabled after filling previous fields, the order of form filling becomes clearer. So the logic of application entering is quite easy and obvious for the bank customer-IB user.

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