Digiterre Develops Integration Module to Automate Importing Investor Transaction Data into CRM

11 March 2008

Maintaining the history of subscriptions and redemptions in client relationship management systems is a major headache for many hedge funds’ investor relations departments. Operationally, many funds are working within an inefficient framework that requires manual entry of investor transaction data from administrators into their CRM product, with many organisations lacking the reporting tools that could be used to generate reports for assessing liquidity to give better insight to investor performance.

Digiterre, London-based software provider to the hedge fund and alternative investment community, have solved this problem by developing an integration module that automates the loading of investor transaction data from administrators into their dCRM product, as well as a series of investor performance reports and the ability to map nominees and custodians to the underlying investors.

“We already have an increasing number of hedge funds and fund of funds live on our system and the funds are loading transaction data from most major administrators”, says Julian Webb, Chief Operating Officer.

“Funds are using this data to produce reports and analysis around fund liquidity, investor performance and sales commission. dCRM also enables importing of NAV history data at a share class level for performance reporting. “

The ability to automate the loading of transaction data is a hot issue given the number of funds looking to upgrade their existing systems, many of which don’t offer this extended functionality.
“We’re getting increased communication from funds who have reached the point where it’s time to upgrade the CRM products they purchased years ago from our competitors,” says Webb.

“These existing systems provide basic contact management functionality but often don’t have the capacity to maintain transaction data or the ability to support sophisticated workflows, and as such, many funds are looking to us to provide a more targeted, alternative solution in dCRM”.

As the question over whether to upgrade or switch CRM products becomes paramount, many organisations are weighing up whether the switch is worth the time required to migrate data and the learning curve involved in moving to a new CRM. As Webb says, the real question is more focused on building an infrastructure that will support a growing organisation going forward.

“It’s important to think beyond the relatively short time involved in data migration and learning a new system”, says Webb. ”It’s essential to consider adopting a product that will enable you to build a robust infrastructure to support your investor relations team so that they can deliver the sophisticated level of service demanded by institutional investors as the firm’s business scales.

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