Solace Systems releases STAC results

9 July 2008

Solace Systems, the leading supplier of high-speed, low-latency content networking systems, today announced the results of testing of its guaranteed messaging solution with the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC). Testing revealed that a single high-availability pair of Solace routers configured for guaranteed message delivery is able to process and correctly deliver as many as 100,000 messages per second with sub-millisecond latency and zero message loss.

Solace uses a patented hardware approach to guaranteed messaging that provides high throughput at low, consistent latencies. STAC tested a variety of conditions with message rates from 2,000 to 100,000 messages per second and measured extensive latency statistics including minimum, mean, median, 99th percentile, 99.9th percentile and maximum figures. Testing was performed at various message rates and producer/consumer numbers with a 600-byte payload, a size consistent with the largest messages generally seen in financial order management applications.

“The goal of these tests was to evaluate the Solace solution in a typical trading configuration under heavy guaranteed message loads and in the face of common exception scenarios like loss and recovery of client connections,” said Peter Lankford, STAC’s director. “In all of the steady-state tests we conducted, Solace demonstrated sub-millisecond guaranteed messaging latency up through the 99.9th percentile, with no message loss. During recovery from a significant client outage, the 99.9th percentile latency experienced by clients that had stayed connected was slightly above one millisecond.”

Guaranteed messaging is used for a variety of front and back-office applications related to order flow, compliance and archival, complex event processing and data synchronization. Solace’s content routers can uniquely offer this capability in hardware, along with additional blades for ultra-low latency reliable messaging, as well as sophisticated content routing and transformation.

“These results clearly demonstrate that hardware-based infrastructure can offer competitive advantage and cost savings while overcoming the throughput and latency limitations plaguing the guaranteed messaging software at the heart of order management systems and other critical back-office applications,” said Ralph Frankel, Solace’s CTO, financial services.

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