Coral8 Joins STAC Benchmark Council and STAC Lab to Support Industry Standard Benchmarks and Open Product Evaluation

8 July 2008

Coral8, Inc., a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced that it has joined the STAC Benchmark Council and has also provided the STAC Lab with its event-processing platform (EPP) for end-user evaluations. This announcement continues Coral8’s open approach of enabling organizations to fully evaluate event processing software platforms which began two and one-half years ago. The company was the first CEP vendor to make its full software platform available as a free download for development and evaluation purposes.

The STAC Benchmark Council is facilitated by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC® - and is made up of global trading firms such as Citi, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, as well as leading technology vendors. Its primary goal is to define industry-standard ways of measuring latency, capacity, power efficiency, and other key performance attributes of trading solutions. As a member of the council, Coral8 will contribute to benchmark specifications that will serve the trading industry.

“Coral8 has been committed to allowing customers to decide for themselves what event processing platform best suits their needs,” said Mark Tsimlelzon, founder, president and CTO of Coral8. “We are pleased to be working with STAC and have the opportunity to work with our industry peers to enable this open, industry standard evaluation, as well as create best practices, and generate more technical acumen for event processing.”

Coral8 has supported the open evaluation of its products by customers since its first software release. Fully featured developer editions of the Coral8 Engine and Coral8 Portal are freely available from the Coral8 website for any developer to download, evaluate features, and develop event processing applications. Coral8 will keep the STAC Lab supplied with the latest versions of these products

STAC has added the Coral8 products to its “Racked-and-STAC’d List,” the inventory of products ready for testing in the STAC Lab. This means that STAC and end-user firms can design high-performance solutions using Coral8 technology in conjunction with the advanced servers, networks, storage, and software available in the STAC Lab, and can test those solutions using official STAC Benchmarks and STAC Tools. Coral8 will work closely with STAC to help firms understand key event processing application best practices and to optimize, evaluate, and benchmark Coral8 software. Customers will be able to use the Coral8 Portal to rapidly visualize results from the end-user viewpoint, verify results, and see the impact of the many tuning options of the Coral8 Engine under sophisticated application workloads.

“We are excited that Coral8 is contributing to STAC Benchmark standards and that they are enthusiastically supporting customer evaluations of Coral8 products in the STAC Lab.” said Peter Lankford, founder and director of STAC. “Today’s volatile markets are increasing the importance of high-performance technology for trading and risk management. Applying STAC Benchmark standards in the STAC Lab will enable firms to get keener insight into more technologies at a lower cost.”

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