PIC Solutions Teams with Easygram

8 July 2008

PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, has formed an alliance with Easygram to utilise their telegram communication services.

Easygram telegram services provide the most unique express telegram delivery service within Southern Africa and offer flexible and reliable solutions to the retail, financial services and collections industries. Their aim is to provide the most reliable, cost effective telegram service in South Africa with a broad range of business applications such as direct marketing, debt collecting notifications and even simply staying in touch with clients.

Established in 2006, Easygram is the only dedicated telegram services company in Southern Africa. Easygram works hand in hand with various postal delivery networks worldwide including various courier companies. They provide a hand-delivered telegram service aiming to achieve express deliveries on time every time and are fully compliant with the new National Credit Act. Easygram delivers impressive results in comparison to more conventional forms of communication such as traditional mail.

As part of their service, Easygram presents a wide range of submission options ranging from priority submission, delivered within 24 hours, to a more cost effective delivery of 48 to 72 hours. Easygram’s delivery services also includes delivery into townships and other previously undeliverable regions, providing an excellent, comprehensive delivery service to all geographic locations within South Africa.

Wesley Miller, Director at Easygram states that “Personal applications of telegrams are generally well understood by the public but the business applications of telegrams that we offer are less understood; services such as collections, notifications, letter of demands, reminders and even consumer credit marketing.”

Stephen Leonard, Chief Executive Officer of PIC Solutions adds that “This alliance made business sense – particularly as Easygram Business Telegram clients report call-back rates as high as 50% and more. Reaching consumers effectively in today’s economic climate carries with it more value than ever before.”

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