Buffett's strategy under the spotlight

4 July 2008

The current strategy of investment legend Warren Buffett has been analysed by the Daily Mail newspaper.

Mr Buffett, who founded Berkshire Hathaway and is one of the world's most listened-to financial savers, has increased the assets he manages at a rate of 21.1 per cent a year over four decades of investing.

In recent times, he has continued acquiring firms despite the credit crunch - looking to continental Europe and especially family-owned firms in Germany for new opportunities.

The so-called Sage of Omaha also dropped a big hint of a star future buy at the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway in May.

"I could find better things to do with a million dollars - probably in Korea - than I could probably find in this market (the US)," he commented.

Mr Buffett's personal wealth - the bulk of which is pledged to charity after his death - currently stands at around £62 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

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