ResponseTek:CEM Transforms Net Promoter® into Comprehensive Business Improvement System

Vancouver - 28 July 2008

ResponseTek, the leading provider of on-demand Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, today introduced new Net Promoter® functionality, providing its clients the ability to use the popular customer advocacy methodology to continuously improve customer experience delivery at the operational level.

ResponseTek:CEM transforms customer feedback about their experiences with companies into business intelligence, providing customer-centric organizations a simple, powerful business intelligence software platform to review, share and act on the voice of the customer. With its Summer 08 release, ResponseTek has integrated the Net Promoter method of measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty into its core analytics and reporting system, allowing its clients to measure, report on and analyze Net Promoter scores across all customer touch points and transactions.

“With its growth in credibility, we knew it was important to allow our clients track Net Promoter scores alongside the full array of customer feedback metrics,” said Gord Elder, product management director. “At the same time, there’s inherent value in being able to see the Net Promoter score for a specific region, or product, even agent. We see this as the logical evolution of Net Promoter, and a great way to see its impact in an organization as a driver of customer-centric behavior.”

Net Promoter, or NPS®, is a type of survey question and scoring methodology used in psychometric research on customer loyalty. The question asked in Net Promoter research is often based on the likelihood of the customer to recommend the company to friends and family, and has been as an indicator of customer advocacy, and market performance. Net Promoter has been called ‘the ultimate question’.

“The ability to measure customer loyalty is complicated by the fact it includes both rational and emotional perspectives. The ability to capture customer feedback through careful chosen questions on an ongoing basis can go a long way to overcoming this as well as providing insight on the customer experience and an effective customer pulse check. Murmurs to this pulse can then trigger remedial action to improve satisfaction and maintain loyalty,” said Jim Davies, Research Director for Gartner.

Many large multinational corporations now use Net Promoter as a method of gauging customer loyalty, and while its validity as a predictor of business performance has been heavily scrutinized in the market research and customer management sectors, it has been highly regarded as having contributed to heightened awareness of the importance of managing customer experiences.

The Summer 08 Release of ResponseTek:CEM also introduces a series of enhancements to the software platform’s workflow capabilities. Action management is now more customer-centric and flexible, allowing users to create and manage actions within the software by customer, making it easier to drive continuous improvement and customer resolution throughout the organization. Alerts about at-risk customers are now automatically assigned to specific users for resolution in real-time, adding transparency to issue resolution processes and driving employee follow-up on customer escalations.

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